4 Weeks before Moving

Day 1 - Do a visual inspection of your house including the garage & tool shed, Decide as to w/c items should be donated or discarded.   
Day 2 - Contact moving Company
Day 3 - TELUS needs 30 days for reconnection in the lower mainland.

3 Weeks before Moving

Day 4 - Remember to return DVD’s/video tapes books from the library, and other borrowed items.    
Day 5 - Dispose of flammables – paint, matches, pressure cans, cleaning fluids, etc.
Day 6 - Inform Post Office, and have forward the mail  or accounts to your new address

2 Weeks before Moving

Day 7 - Plan where furniture to be placed for your new home, moving in will be easier and faster.
Day 8 - It is about time to start packing that is if you are doing it yourself.
Day 9 - Plan to discontinue utilities such Hydro, Gas, cable and telephone. Inform them of the day you are moving out and when you are moving in to the new location.

1 Week before Moving

Day 10 - Prepare car for a long trip. Finish packing the boxed items, suitcases, and basic essentials.
Day 11 - Keep your documents, jewelry in the safe deposit box.
Day 12 - Do some final inspection of the house before the moving week.

Moving out Day